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The best Atlantic salmon fishing area in Europe, the Utsjoki highlands and the peace and quiet of the wilderness attract people to Karigasniemi. There is plenty to do and experience every single day!

Husky ride in Karasjok/Norway and a visit to Samicenter and Sami museum  

The village of Karasjok, with its recognised Sami institutions and living Sami culture, is the Sami capital with almost 3,000 inhabitants… and some 60,000 reindeer. You will first visit the husky farm and make a husky sledge ride and after that visit the village centre. There you can have a cup of coffee with a snack and visit a Samicenter where it’s possible to buy authentic Sami handicrafts. 

Snack during the day. Karasjok in Norway is situated about 20 km away from Karigasniemi.


Valid From 1st March 2017 to 1st May 2018

Dates Tuesdays at 10:30–14:30

Tour Duration 3 hours

Participants 4–6 persons

Cost €175/person

Standard Inclusions The price includes thermal outfit and guidance in English.


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Cancellation Policy A binding booking 7 days before the tour. Paid on site before the trip.